The new earth foundation supports the members of
new earth nations to develop and build their communities & villages

Capital access for village projects

Guidance on where to get capital and the requirements of the various approaches. This includes help on how to acquire existing properties under various approaches beyond simple purchase.

Sovereignty Training & Consulting

Workshops that help participants understand the issues of sovereignty and how the law works between common law  and statutory jurisdictions.

Then workshops on now to structure communities using a variety of pure trusts, including fiduciary operations.

Finally, the steps and legal work needed to become a self-governing nation.

Community Planning & Design

How to plan the creation of a community at a specific location and all the issues involved from governance to site planning to building plans.

Village Cooperative Development

Instruction and help in creating a Village Coop to run the business of the new Village on Cooperative Principles.

Village infrastructure and Construction Management

On-site assistance in the engineering of the site infrastructure (water, power, sewage, heating, cooling) and the construction of village buildings and structures.

Live on Your Terms

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